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February 10th, 2011

basset hounds

two dogs were lying on the floor next to a cholo, who was sitting on a chair beside them.  at first the dogs appeared to be scottish terriers, all black, and growling menacingly in my direction.  tip-toeing around them, i reached for a blanket on a bed nearby.  gently, i laid the blanket on the reclining dogs, who accepted the blanket with great eagerness.  i noticed that the dogs were no longer angry scots, but had somehow transformed into lazy, doe-eyed basset hounds.  one had a pistol in its neck collar.  i reached for it and it went off, leaving a tiny hole in the wall across the room.  i then set to tuck the dogs in, but the dogs squirmed and pulled at the blanket with their teeth, as if to say, “no, i prefer the blanket just the way i like it.  please — your adjustment is not needed.”

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