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March 7th, 2011


tereza siza: many consider you to be a very shy person, distant, and even a bit neurotic.  how does a person so detached achieve the kinds of portraits that you do?

miguel rio branco: one may give the impression of being very shy.  what happens is that, when i do those projects, i let my defenses down.  many people from professional backgrounds consider me a bit unfriendly because i get defensive about certain aspects of my work and because i have no desire to be popular or to impress anyone.  those who like me, like me; and those who don’t, don’t.  i don’t go out of my way for someone who does not like me and this, obviously, can create animosities.  in the world we live in, i think there are many people who are motivated solely by self-interest, and this makes me somewhat distrustful of others.  friendship is the result of a process — it doesn’t happen instantly.  i won’t attempt to explain how one develops intimacy with a person one is photographing because i don’t know.

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