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May 3rd, 2011

las vegas airport basement

i approached the departure terminal of the las vegas airport.  i descended down a set of stairs just outside the entryway.  proceeding through the doors at the bottom of the stairs, i entered into a room, which i crossed to another set of doors that led down another set of stairs.  this time, the stairs simply spiraled, over and over again, door after door.  i lost count of how many doors i had gone through.  and since the doors sometimes led straight down or straight across, i had no idea where i was underneath the airport, underneath las vegas.  i just kept going and going and going, telling myself that i would be fine the deeper i went.  i remember thinking to myself, do i have enough water to drink if i get lost down here?  and then i looked at my hands and there was nothing in them, but i still said to myself that i would be fine.  but really, i was terrified that i would die in this underground maze.  so i made myself wake up.

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