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September 30th, 2011

email from mom, day 14 of retirement roadtrip

“…It was still pouring rain, we were hungry, so we went in the Hard Rock Cafe, had a big fat hamburger and fries, they played 60′s,70′s rock music, we had good lunch and rocking same time, Eagle’s ” Hotel California” reminded us good, romantic memories.
I remembered just before school started, Pat took me to Coos Bay for a weekend, where he and his friend, “Thavee ” used to work and rented small trailer house during the summer vacation. On the way down we were listening ” Eagle’s, Chicago, Bread, Andy William , Carpenter’s, Simon and Garfunkel, etc….
Thavee had a Dunbuggi jeep, so Pat took me for a ride on sand, and got stuck in the mud, splashing the mud all over on my white pants and my blue tee shirts, and his,too. We had so much laughs those days. Memory~~~~~~la la la la la~~~~~~~.
It was so fun and romantic time, that was Sept, 1973, we were only dated each other for 6 months. I didn’t let him come close to me.
That summer he planted a beautiful rose names,” tropicana”, in front of Aunt, Ock Ha’s house, so I  can look out the window and enjoyed rose from home where I stayed until we got married.  Before that summer, in the spring we went up to rose garden Washington Park, I told him that ” Tropicana”, was my favorite.
Aunt, Ock Ha had that rose in front of her house for a long time , than she brought that rose when she moved to Beaverton house ( current resident ) in 1994, she still has that rose , growing beautifully in front of her house now. A few years ago, she gave me a branch to grow in our backyard. We have more beautiful roses , Pat planted for me. I love him dearly who tried his best make me happy, and make this most memorable road trip possible in my life time.
At 3:00pm we got in to Toronto ,Canada. , we will stay here for 2 nights.
Tomorrow we plan to tour the town and rest.
Have good night everyone.


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September 30th, 2011

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