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October 16th, 2011

email from dad, day 30 of retirement roadtrip

“…we find a quite Jazz bar not so loud I went there to have Hurricanes drink, it reminded me 42 year ago me and my best friend Somchai (Steve) were here we both have couple of the Hurricanes we got so drunk we decided to leave town the same night . And I drove through the beginning of the Hurricanes Camilia hit Louisiana and Florida coast in 1969, that night the rain and wind were so strong I could not see where I going and we were so drunk I decided to park car on the side of the road, and go to sleep. It was good thing we did next morning when I woke up there were tree branches all over the car and as we drove on we saw houses with no roof and so much damage all over the place, it was lucky that we stop. We don’t have no idea that the hurricanes is coming . Any way back to the Hurricanes drink it have one shot of Bacardi 151, one shot of white Rum,one shot of dark Rum,and fruit juice. Guess how many drink I have , I have two of the Hurricanes first I feel good then it hit me I got so drunk I have to drink a lot of water and walk around before we drove back to motel. The next day I have a giant hang over, and this it a reminder to you young people don’t drive when you drunk walk it off first then drive O K.”

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