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November 26th, 2011

the eyes of mia farrow

i was at an amusement park, following some friends into a large building.  the inner atrium was full of glass and leafy plants.  we walked through the atrium along a ramp that climbed up for a while.  i noticed hanging above me a large mobile of strange objects.  they were insects, about five in all.  the insects dangling precariously from the mobile were alive and waved their antennae, tasting the air around them.  they were also abnormally large, some as big as my hand, one about three feet long.  there was a green katydid, two praying mantises, a small pink grasshopper, and a locust as big as my leg, with an exoskeleton that shimmered in a sparking blue color.  i pulled out my camera and stood there taking all kinds of pictures of the blue locust.

my friends had gone ahead of me so i had to catch up.  the ramp ended at the bottom of an ascending staircase.  i looked up and i saw a girl standing at the mezzanine level far above me.  she was slowly pacing back and forth, and did not seem to notice that i was there.  i took out my camera and started taking pictures of her face.  i took pictures from many different angles.  finally, she turned to face me, and i had the perfect shot.  i stood there motionless, making sure all the settings were right, when i noticed that she looked like mia farrow.  the instant i pressed the shutter button, her eyes lit up in a dull blue color, and with a crunching sound my camera broke.

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