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November 29th, 2011


i was flying over some landscape.  “look, you can see the manatees!” someone yelled.  i peered out the passenger window and saw below various factories and warehouses topped with giant moving manatees, some the size of a bus.  they were made out of polyethylene, or something like it, since they were all entirely translucent white.  they floated like friendly dirigibles or clouds.

my plane progressed further into the city.  we were flying between skyscrapers now.  the plane took sudden turns and banked sharply with no warning or apparent reason.  everyone stayed calm, but inside i felt a bit of concern.  looking out the window i saw structures passing close to the plane, and i wondered if the pilot was either a daredevil or if something was really wrong.  then my eyes were outside of the plane and in my mind i had a first-person view of the plane plummeting rapidly towards the ground.  and then we were all dead.

i woke up within the dream.  i was in a familiar room with a familiar friend.  i sat down at a desk, took out a piece of paper, and began writing.  i was telling my parents what being dead was like.  i think i told them that so far it wasn’t that different from being alive.  but i knew it would be very different, because i could only be in this place for a little while.  i woke up before i had to leave and go to the place where dead people stay forever, whatever that place is.

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