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May 7th, 2012

net art blogger application

i was forwarded an open call from art fag city for submissions.  among other things, art fag city was on the lookout for a net art blogger, someone who could make “grand pronouncements about the state of the internet”.  i was encouraged to apply, because duh i am the internet.  here is what i wrote.  keep in mind they never wrote me back.  still, it was fun to apply.  thanks, XXXXX!  also, here are some images that i think are better than most of the crap hanging in museums.

Art Fag City,

So as not to waste your time, I’ll say this up front: I detest art writing.  I am an art outsider: I work during the day as a materials engineer for a satellite manufacturer, which is to say I am not well-versed in the practice of art discourse.  Therefore, I will not be writing any serious articles about the state of art as it relates to the internet.

I spend my free time photographing and thinking about images, in particular those that can be consumed ad nauseum via the internet.  It is through the internet that I regularly share via social media and my own blog things that I think are weird, funny, strange, beautiful, provocative—worthy of consideration as “net art”.  I also love anything incredibly stupid, including, but not limited to: google searches like this, extremely bad 3D animations that are obliquely related to pizzas, and stuff like this, because everyone hates cute children.  There is so much more that I can share with you if we get to talking.

My approach to the position would be curatorial.  I’d present images, webpages, videos, with just a sprinkle of commentary, if any.  High culture or low culture, it doesn’t matter.  My feelings on commentary are aligned with those of William Eggleston: “Whatever it is about pictures, photographs, it’s just about impossible to follow up with words. They don’t have anything to do with each other.”  Similarly, I believe that the internet should be taken at face value, for the most part.

If it helps my chances any, my friend, XXXXX XXXXXX, director of the XXXXX XXXXXXXX Gallery in Los Angeles, forwarded me your call for submissions and added “I’m still not sure whether you invented the internet or not, but you definitely keep it going…”.

If you are interested in writing samples, I like to write about my dreams from time to time:

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