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July 6th, 2012


1. there was some kind of genetic experimentation that led to a friend of mine suddenly transforming into a creature made entirely of tentacles.  the transformation was in a very public place, probably a school or conference.  as my friend tragically changed, he ran through the building and the tentacles would throw any passers-by up in the air or against a wall.

2. i fled the scene, and drove through a post-apocalyptic world that looked like alaska.  a man and a woman were traveling with me, but i did not know them or remember their faces.  we drove down many dirt roads, seeing no one, until we saw two black men standing next to a burning car, waving for us to go around.  not too long after passing them we came upon an abandoned house.  the house was in perfect condition and fully stocked with supplies, and so we began to ransack it.  the last thing i remember is telling my companions that we needed guns, that there must be guns somewhere in the house.

3. i woke up with the erasure song, “a little respect“, stuck in my head.  fabulous.

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