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July 19th, 2012

RIP annie

almost every day i went running, this wonderful, sweet dog would greet me.  her name was annie.  she sat untethered in the front lawn of an apartment building as i jogged through hancock park.  whenever i would see her, i would be so happy.  i’d stop, out of breath, and for a moment take a break next to her.  soon she came to expect me and as i came within view she would lie down in expectation of my scratching.

she was such a kind, gentle dog — truly rare.  then yesterday, i was surprised to find a shrine in her place, because annie had passed away.  on a nearby tree were pinned numerous cards, balloons, stuffed animals, candles.  i had no idea that the neighborhood loved her so much, but i’m not surprised.  i’ll miss her now every time i run by that tree.

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July 19th, 2012

i woke up and this wings song was in my head

there were these space filipinos who were trapped in a sort of time loop.  their entire lives repeated over and over through the same circle of time and space.  i crossed paths with them many times as my spaceship cruised the universe.  i don’t know how to describe what it was like to see them over and over again, maybe i was sucked into their strange time vortex?  i would do things with them and somehow know that the rest of the universe was not even moving.  we would visit the same space outposts, hang out at the same planetary diners, crash our spacecraft on the same barren asteroids, but nothing in the universe changed except us.  and we weren’t even really changing, because it would happen all over again.  man, those space filipinos were really fun.

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