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July 19th, 2012

RIP annie

almost every day i went running, this wonderful, sweet dog would greet me.  her name was annie.  she sat untethered in the front lawn of an apartment building as i jogged through hancock park.  whenever i would see her, i would be so happy.  i’d stop, out of breath, and for a moment take a break next to her.  soon she came to expect me and as i came within view she would lie down in expectation of my scratching.

she was such a kind, gentle dog — truly rare.  then yesterday, i was surprised to find a shrine in her place, because annie had passed away.  on a nearby tree were pinned numerous cards, balloons, stuffed animals, candles.  i had no idea that the neighborhood loved her so much, but i’m not surprised.  i’ll miss her now every time i run by that tree.

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