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November 26th, 2011

the eyes of mia farrow

i was at an amusement park, following some friends into a large building.  the inner atrium was full of glass and leafy plants.  we walked through the atrium along a ramp that climbed up for a while.  i noticed hanging above me a large mobile of strange objects.  they were insects, about five in all.  the insects dangling precariously from the mobile were alive and waved their antennae, tasting the air around them.  they were also abnormally large, some as big as my hand, one about three feet long.  there was a green katydid, two praying mantises, a small pink grasshopper, and a locust as big as my leg, with an exoskeleton that shimmered in a sparking blue color.  i pulled out my camera and stood there taking all kinds of pictures of the blue locust.

my friends had gone ahead of me so i had to catch up.  the ramp ended at the bottom of an ascending staircase.  i looked up and i saw a girl standing at the mezzanine level far above me.  she was slowly pacing back and forth, and did not seem to notice that i was there.  i took out my camera and started taking pictures of her face.  i took pictures from many different angles.  finally, she turned to face me, and i had the perfect shot.  i stood there motionless, making sure all the settings were right, when i noticed that she looked like mia farrow.  the instant i pressed the shutter button, her eyes lit up in a dull blue color, and with a crunching sound my camera broke.

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November 17th, 2011

new black color

i discovered a pigment that, when mixed into a paint, was the darkest black known.  at all angles, one could not see a sheen or tint of any kind, it was pure darkness, completely absent of light.  i think i was putting it on everything to see how it changed the appearance of objects, but the thing i remember most was a dress someone made from fabric dyed in this new black color.  no one wore it, there was just this image of the dress floating in my mind, but now i’m thinking, would the woman wearing this dress look like a floating head?

the last thing i remember was that i was looking on the internet.  i searched “david lynch” and the first search result was a craigslist ad for his bed.  i woke up before i clicked on the link.

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November 14th, 2011

ISS flyover

Earth | Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over | NASA, ISS from Michael König on Vimeo.

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November 11th, 2011


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September 15th, 2011


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September 14th, 2011

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September 5th, 2011

the floor of the dead

the librarian in the building told me that i was banned and that i could not check out books again unless i took one of two classes or checked out some 1000 or so books.  when i said that the last rule did not make any sense, the librarian — a thin elderly black woman with short, graying hair — kindly looked at me and said that she understood, it was a stupid rule.  she reiterated the classes option and both classes  seemed interesting, but i don’t remember what the classes were about.  i think one of them may have involved dancing.  i pulled out my sketchbook to show her something.  i turned to the index to find a specific drawing, only to find blank pages, because duh, why would a sketchbook have an index unless you were totally anal.

later i was on some dark street, associating with unsavory characters for a reason i do not remember.  after our meeting ended, i walked down the street to meet up with my mom, who in the dream was played by gillian anderson, aka scully from the x-files.  but, she was not gillian anderson,  she was actually an impostor and i knew it.  this impostor was really a monster who looked like gillian anderson, except her arms could extend hundreds of feet and pierce flesh like two javelins.  so i ran from the monster gillian anderson.  each time the arms extended to kill me, the flesh and bones in the arms would be torn apart from the stretching and blood would be everywhere.  but it was okay for the monster because she could heal herself like wolverine from x-men — it just took some time — a long time.  that means monster gillian anderson was a really ineffective monster and i got away from her easily.  i wish i could describe the arms better because they were crazy-looking.

i escaped to a parking garage where i had parked my car.  patrons paid for their parking in the reception area on the top floor.  the reception area was like the waiting area of a car wash, complete with air fresheners, accessory mirrors, car cleaning products, etc.  the receptionist was seated in a booth in a corner of the room, with pink and blue neon-lined windows.  she was a goth receptionist, and everyone in line in front of me was goth or tattooed or somehow “alt”.  i paid the receptionist and took my stamped ticket down many flights of stairs to the bottom floor where i could pick up my car.  i approached several attendants, but none of them would take my ticket — they all just gave me weird looks and quietly avoided me.  then i realized, oh! this is the floor for the spirits of dead people who want to stay forever, why would they bring me my car if i wanted to stay here forever?

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July 18th, 2011

the unreal object

touring the philippines, i sat atop a van with my father as it rumbled along a dirt road.  i felt a little fear at first, but these feelings quickly melted into ease, as the wind blew past us, churning up the smell of  road dust.  we later toured a mall.  inside, a vendor worked feverishly in the hallway, chipping at an unreal object.  the object was an undulating solid form, primarily crystalline, black, yet iridescent, shining in rapidly shifting colors.  shards flew here and there as the woman stabbed at it with an unseen tool.  i asked if i could take a picture, and she enthusiastically obliged.

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June 4th, 2011

red-headed babies

people were planting teeth in the ground, and these teeth grew into little red-headed babies. when fully grown, the babies were used to help out with gardening and other kinds of yard work. i wondered, isn’t it wrong to make babies do this kind of work, and don’t they grow up and become curious children who wonder who their real parents are? it seemed cruel. but you couldn’t adopt them. instead, they simply expired at a certain age and were buried in the gardens in which they had worked.

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June 2nd, 2011

stealth jets

on your last pull of the slot machine you went up to $930. you dropped in one more quarter. “this will be the last one, then i’m cashing out.” when you pulled the lever, we were suddenly flying stealth bomber jets in a cartoon. each of us had our own SR-71 blackbird, like in “D.A.R.Y.L.”. we were getting shot at by some unknown enemy, who we pursued in earnest. “don’t stop believing” by journey was playing. “i have a feeling you will win a lot on that last quarter when this whole cartoon is over,” i said. of course, because this was a dream, i did not think that it was crazy we were flying stealth jets in a cartoon together.

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